My Resume


Comprel (Esprinet Group)

November 2005 to Present


Comprel ( 53 M€ in 2007) is a distributor of components for industrial market and is owned by Esprinet, the 3rd European distributor of I&T ( 2.600 M€ in 2006).

Comprel, after the acquisition of Skylab, aimed to increase market shares in the Subsystem Division of Visual and Industrial PC.


Position: International Marketing for Subsystem division

Location Taiwan Tainan

Date: November 2007 ~ To Present



Following the Business Area Subsystems monitoring the Visual Market and Industrial Pc Market in Asia

Managing the supplier directly on the field, and building stable and long term business relationship

Selecting new supplier for next trend and custom solutions

Promoting products in IT industry in Italy



Position: Business Unit Manager for Visual Division

Location Italy Milan

Date: April 2007 ~ November 2007



Promoting more than 20 brands of Visual, Passive LCD, TFT LCD and Touch Screen Technology

Assisting sales representatives on the field

Developing new markets and new sales accounts

Developing new projects

Managing project development team

Working in directly with the Operation Business Manager and the commercial director  to setup the new procedure for the subsystem division of Comprel


Position: Product Manger for Display TFT and Touch Screen

Location Italy Milan

Date: November 2005 ~ April 2007



Following 15 brands of TFT and Touch screens

Assisting the sales representatives on the field 

Selecting and evaluating suppliers from Taiwan and China

Promoting products in IT industry in Italy




SKYLAB S.r.l. Italy

Location Italy Milan

December 1998 to November 2005, Milan 


Skylab was a company founded in 1975, and was a small distributor in Italy for Semiconductor.

In 1983, they started distributing the first passive LCD in the Italian market

In the 1999, Skylab moved out of Milan and changed its business strategy.

The same year, CEO of Skylab decided to invest on young generation and to focus only on Displays and Touch Screens.


Skylab acquired from Comprel (Esprinet Group) in November 2005, because it was the most professional distributor in Italy which focalized on Visualization.



Position: Regional Sales Representatives/ IT Manager

Location Italy Milan

Date: November 1999 ~  November 2005



.Sale and Marketing for 3 region of Italy focused on Display and Touch Screen

.Searching a new supplier in a Visualization Market (first trip to Asia in March 2001)

.Signed and closing some contracts

.Developing a custom project with some important customer

.Selecting the Enterprise resource planning software for internal organization

.Developing the Website for the Visualization Field.


Position: Internal Sales Representative

Location Italy Milan

Date: July 1999 ~ October 1999



Expanding sales territories

Developing new sales accounts in different regions

Surveying customers and understanding customer’s products and needs


Position: Stock Administrative

Location Italy Milan

Date: December 1998 ~ June 1999



Administrative support included contacting forwarders and arranging shipments

Handling RMA inquiries both with customers and suppliers



Vigano’ S.r.l.

Location Italy Lecco

June 1997 to July 1997, Lecco

June 1996 to July 1996, Lecco


During the summer Holidays back in school, I used to work in Vigano’ S.r.l., a company manufactures machinery such as coilers, levelers, shears and coil cars. 

Assembly machine line.




1992-1998 High School : Istituto tecnico Industriale P. Hensemberger ( Monza – Italy )

Technical High School in Electrical Engineering



.March 2007, Credit management course: “Cegos international certificate”

February 2004 to December 2004, Coaching course with Marina Fabiano, number 2 of Avnet Group and now Business Executive coach for Top Management

December 2000 to December 2002, English Language courses.

November 1999, Psychology course about the educational relationship in the Society

July 1999, Sales Psychology course on ANSCO STUDIO Lissone Milan

September 1998, Siemens Course related to PLC







.Strong negotiation, communication and leadership skills.

.Ability in managing team and organizing team projects.

.Excellence in making decision and problem solving. 

.Years of experiences in dealing with Asian and American suppliers.

.Experiences in market analysis and business plan.


Technical Background 


O.S.:                                 MS Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP, MS-DOS, Linux (Mandriva, Debian, Ubuntu)

Databases :                      MS Access.

Tools :                             Flash technology and Html, MS OFFICE98/2000/XP, Photoshop, Video tools and Audio tools.




Fluently in writing and speaking in both Italian and English.

Learning Chinese… hope to Learn, but i’m very lazy, is too difficult





In the past, I was an organizer of a different social party in Barzano’ and was a founder of an Italian youth activity center called “Atlantide”.




Sports :                             Tennis, Ski, Swim, Basketball, Windsurfing.

Music :                              Enjoy playing guitar with my band from 1993 until 1999

Reading :                           Profoundly interested in science fiction books, psychology thriller books, Social books, and marketing books.




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